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 LollipopMS Guide

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PostSubject: LollipopMS Guide   Wed Apr 23, 2008 5:12 am

Things that u will need for LollipopMs Very Happy

Global MapleStory version 0.53 here

LollipopMS Launcher here
Second Link here

Hamachi Download here

Hamachi network:LollipopMS Password:Lollipop
2nd network:LollipopMS2 Password:Lollipop
3rd network:LollipopMS3 Password:Lollipop

Website to create account here
Take note: you must be connected to the LollipopMs network on hamachi to access the website

Steps for LollipopMS
1. Install Hamachi
2. Join the LollipopMS network
3. Go to the website and create account
4. Install Global Maplestory, take note of the directory that it is installed in
5. Extract the launcher (which consists of two files) and copy it to the MapleStory folder.
6.Click the batch.file(with the gear icon) and enjoy

Arrow When starting the game make sure hamachi is connected and you have the LollipopMs network set up, and click the batch.file.
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LollipopMS Guide
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