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 Event schedule, Look here for events.

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PostSubject: Event schedule, Look here for events.   Mon Apr 28, 2008 4:51 am

Type of events.

1. 2x exp event

2. Nx Event. 60 Golden slimes

3. Guess the GM event

4. Emotion box Event, 3 boxes summon

5. Monster Re-attack

6. Follow the leader ( exclusive event by GMLollipop only.)

*Event is listed according to frequency rate. king

Explainations :

1. Server will have 2x exp which will be 200x of GMS exp.

2. 60 Golden Slimes will be spawn and drops Nx item.

3. Player will be asked to guess which GM is talking on the notice, only 1 winner will receive a special prize.

4. 3 Emotion boxes will be spawn which drops Nx Emotions.

5. Its the time the monster that you kill comes to revenge! Send them back to where they belong!

6. The GM will drop items which is not obtainable from monsters. Follow him to pick it up! No Auto looter. Or its a staright ban.
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Event schedule, Look here for events.
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